Moments at work

Of all the places we spend our time, work is the one that dominates. However, when we look back on our lives, work is often the thing we remember least. Why? Because we remember our lives through peak movements, and there are few of those, especially positive peak moments, at work. Luckily, peak moments can be created and managers can be taught how to create them. This post explores opportunities and techniques to create these moments.

Being a great manager

I aspire not only to be a great manager, but to be the best manager my team members will ever have (unless they get to work for a manager I’ve coached :) ). I hope to have incredibly stiff competition at the top, and I’ll often fall short, but only by trying will I get closer. This post will gather some research on being a great manager, enumerate some of my learnings, and inspire me to be my best.

Performance Reviews

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Software as a service is good for users

When selling subscription software, a publisher needs to continue to prove the value of thier software, or users will not renew their contracts. This is very beneficial to the users and to the publisher.

Positive computing a whirlwind tour

Positive computing is the software branch focused on increasing human well being. Similar to positive psychology, it is a brand new field and our industry has barely begun. I’ll use this post to gather my half baked thoughts on the various applications I’ve seen. For now it’ll be confusing as I’m brain dumping to various audiences with various knowledge.