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There are lots of rough ideas I have that are not yet categorized, or good enough to be a thought. This will be a place to store them.

Magic: Great example of Seth Godin principles

  * Choosing myself, hard work,  building trust, and deserving attention.
  * NOT: Building a tribe, because there is no scale out/distribution.
  * Challenge Expectation - Do magic on bus, when people are expecting to stare off into space.
  * Connection
       * Signed card
       * Do you know a magic word? 
       * Signed card ambitious card
       * In hands card routine.
  * Q: How do I build MORE connection to audience.

Class Act:

* NEVER speak badly of anyone 
* Only say what you'd say to their face.
* Take full responsiblity
* Give all credit to others.

Igor’s UVP:

* Mantra: People cry when I move on.
* Ideas Executed Brilliantly.
* Growing teams 

Igor’s Key Activites:

* Free Association Journallying
* Protoyping Software
* Cognative Health
    * Professional Blogging 
    * Post mortems

* Emotional Health
    * Link to site.
* Physical Health
    * Link to blog post.
    * Intermittent Fasting


* Half the pressure, twice the speed - do it without stress/pressure, but do it quickly. 

Grandmother mind

* From Cognative Control to Curiosity.

Knowledge vs Wisdom

* Knowledge - The rider knows it.
* Wisdom - The elphent knows it.
* How to train the elphant? Curiosity


* Feels good
* Self Awareness, focus on 'how curious' instead of congnative
* How curious, is less judgmental

Cognative vs Curiosity based improvement.

* Reframe
* Cognative Control (rider) is hard, BUT curiosity is much easier. 
* Curiosity does not take discipline, just awareness.
* From Curiosity, can make progress. 

Love and rejection.

* Afraid to love because fear of rejection
* Very common statement, in the grand, but happens in the small too.
* Someone needed a charger, I could give it to them, but iddn't.
* Why? fear of rejection. 
* Win/Win 
    * I offer/needed - Someone feels loved, and I feel great - WIN!
    * I offer/not needed/Appreciate - Someone feels loved, I feel great - WIN!
    * I offer/not needed/grumpy - Someone feels angry, I feel sad - LOSS! (how often?)

suprise: these are my dail affirmations

  • Deliberate, Disciplined, Daily
  • Essentialism (I choose to do the most important thing)
  • Appreciate
  • First Understand, then be understated
  • Provide Context

Focusing on quality of life

  • Climbing the steps again and again at work
  • Getting the gym that was closest to work
  • Optimize for the most enjoyable commute (not necassarily the shortest)

Blog posts for this week?

  • Carrying my own cultural bubble (atmosphere)
  • Chop chop vs people first
    • Efficiency is the wrong metric for people first.
  • Count books is the wrong metric for libraries
    • Right metric is customer engagement

Igor’s Work Advantage Some of these are extra valuable depending on your teams culture

  • Very good at tools, and grunging data.
  • Dive deep vs level up
  • Relationships first (vs efficiency)
  • Ideas or the week
  • Listening to books on tape that are low SNR but high in inspiration.

Journalling Prompt:

Make this it’s own blogpost

* What do I want for Zach? 
* Empathy Exercise
* Understanding Exercise? 
* Someone has been kind to me exercise. 
* Someone has been positive