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The business model canvas is a tool for understanding how a company makes money. We can apply the same canvas to a person, in this article, it’ll be me.

Essential Concepts:

  • Build your value, not your skills
  • Focus customers on the value you provide, not your key activities.
  • Focus customers on their job - remind them your job is to support them, not do the activities they ‘hire you for’
  • Determine what key activites will support the value you provide.

Key Resources - Who you are/What you have:

  • Interests - Things that excite you
    • Personal Productivity
    • Self Development
    • Making people Smile
    • Growing People
    • Shipping
    • Hiring and Retaining
  • Abilites (Things that are effortless)

    • Motivating Others
    • Creative
    • Moving peoples emotions
    • Hustling
    • Hiring
    • Appreciating the team
    • Emotional Analysis
    • Presenting in front of large groups
    • Being Comfortable
  • Skills (Learned or Aquired Talents)

    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Leading People
    • Recruiting
    • Data Driven Engineering
    • Security/Performance
  • Personality - How people describe ‘you’
    • Passionate
    • Quirky, Whimisical.
    • Gregarious
    • Tenacious
    • Confident
  • Intangible Assets - IP/Goodwill/Brand Recogintion
  • Physical Assets - N/A for computer people.

Key Activities - What you do:

  • Clarify Needs of Business
  • Convert Business needs into team activity
  • Understand each team members goals, and build plan to achieve them.
  • Balance short term delivery with investments in people, culture, and technology.
  • Build relationships with partners to ensure when stuff goes south, can get it back with minimal suffering.
  • Hire and retain teams
  • Feelings Meetings

Customers - Who you help:

  • My Product’s Customer
  • My Engineering Team
  • My Product Manager
  • My Boss
  • My Grand Boss
  • Feeling Meetings Members

Per customer boxes:

Value Provided - How you help:

Channels - How they know you, how you deliver

More complex then it sounds, need to do this per customer segment:

  • How will potential customers discover how you help them?
  • How will they decide whether to buy your product or services?
  • How will they buy it?
  • How will you deliver it?
  • How will you follow up ot make sure you are succesful?

Customer Relationships - How do you interact?

  • How do you communicate (in person, newsletter)?
  • What is the frequency?
  • Is the goal retention or Aquisition?

Customer Segment Specific Interaction

Customer: Engineering Team

Value Provided - tbd

Channel - tbd

Relationship - tbd

Customer: Product Manager

Customer: Boss

Customer: Grand Boss

Customer: mentees

Customer: Feeling Meetings Members


Key Partners - Who helps you?

  • Up/Down/Side Ways
  • Close/Frequent relations - sister team.
  • On Demand - Mentors/Advisors

Revenue - What you get?

  • Tangible
    • Salary
    • Expected Value of Bonuses
    • Health Insurance
    • Orca Pass - 1680
    • Vacation - 5 weeks
    • Cell Phone
    • MacBook
  • Intangible
    • Autonomy
    • Mastery
    • Purpose
    • Pride
    • Satisfaction
    • Training
    • Commute time.
    • Access to good people
    • Nice places to go for lunch

Costs - What you give?

  • Tangible

    • Time
  • Intangible

    • Stress