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I’m trying to learn strategies, so I’m going to enumerate strategies I’ve observed:


Amazon targets low margin, with their tablets ranging from 50-200$

Apple targets high margin, with their iPad w/64 GB of Storage @ 599.

Microsoft is following the apple strategy with a Surface 3 with 128 GB of Storage for 599.

Both Apple and Microsoft have an entry level device 100$ cheaper, but which has poor enough limitations that I suspect no one buys it. Also, because Apple and MS work for the storage upsell, they don’t support removable storage, but Amazon’s crappy tablets do.

Many MS OEM’s used to sell 8” tablets in the 300-400 range in x-mas 2014, but these have gone out of style, and no new tablets have appeared to replace them. I suspect these are replaced by lower priced android tablets.


optoutside - REI will be closed on Black Friday, BUT have a sale for the week before . This is brilliant because REI can capture the Black Friday spending sprees.


PlayPlace and Kids Meals - Having things that are easy for parents, and make kids happy is a brilliant triple play. 1) As kids grow up, they’re already hooked on McDonalds’ 2) Kids have a good time, and get toys so they beg their kids to come back 3) McDonalds’ offers cheap entertainment, and Toys which kids love - Brilliant