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If you want advice on how to deal with insomnia, do NOT ask a person who hasn’t slept in two nights. Instead, ask someone who’s had insomnia several times, and has a checklist on how to respond when insomnia flares up. By the way, I’ve never actually taken this advice, but maybe writing it down will make it more likely that I’ll take it in the future.

When I’m lying awake at night:

  • Clear your head, and replace the thing that’s bugging you with something more pleasent.
  • 2 minutes - deep breathing
  • 10 minute - meditation.
  • Journalling - what actions I need to take
  • Journalling - voices in my head
  • Magic Practice

When I’m trying to compensate for sleep deprivation.

  • The essential activity,is getting back on your natural sleep cycle. Do this through sleep deprivation, not sleep catchup.
  • Force yourself out of bed at wake up time - even if you didn’t get enough sleep.
  • Do not drink caffiene or nap. Be exhausted so you can fall asleep on time (or early the next day).

Sleep well.