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Time is my precious resource - I have a limited number of hours in my life, and once I’ve used them, I never get them back. However, I can preserve my time by outsourcing activities that don’t have high enough return on investment. This post reminds me to outsource by enumerating my position on outsourcing, and the things I have outsourced.

When to outsource

  • Tasks I’m bad at, and that I don’t want to get good at.
  • Tasks which I don’t enjoy doing
  • Tasks which do not have sufficient ROI.
  • From 7 habits: Tasks that are urgent, yet not important tasks.

When not to outsource

  • When I enjoy the activity
  • When the activity builds a skill I want in my wheel house.
  • When the cost of outsourcing isn’t worth it.

Crowd sourcing Tools

Thanks to the many outsourcing crowd sourcing tools, getting contractors is easier then ever. Below are the tools I use and the tasks I’ve outsourced.

  • ODesk - Get a professional for a more elaborte project, often someone to build relationships with
    • Editor for my featured posts
    • Musician, to help me produce a song.
    • Audio transcriber for my upcoming interview series.
  • Task Rabbit - Get help for an in person task.
    • Gutter Cleaning
  • Fiverr - Get a person for a simple, cheap, often weird task.
    • Simple proof reading for less important blog posts.
    • Cute video/jingle creation:
  • Uber - Get a person to give you a ride
    • Driving around
    • Food Delivery

Professional Outsourcing

  • Accountant - to do taxes
  • Trades - Plumbing/Heating/Major Home Repair/Car Mechanic/Medical Professionals.

Things I want to start outsourcing.

  • Personal Trainer (?)

TBD - When to build relationships with contractors

TBD - How to get better at outsourcing