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I learn the needs of the business, and focus the team on delivering in a sustainable manner. At the same time, I help the team members grow, develop our culture, and build valuable tech.

When talking to others, I prefer a couch to a table, and when I need a break you might see me juggling, practicing magic, or riding my folding bike - often in the office.

I’m interested in a wide variety of roles, but a team figuring out how to make users happier in support of a business need gets a tonne of points in my job evaluation criteria.

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The below listicle are the dimensions in which I think of my jobs. The listicle will let me, and hopefully others, reflect on the essence of the job I want.

B2C, B2B, Infrastructure? B2C!

At his point in my career I’m interested in making the lives of others better. Right now, I’d like to do this via end user software.

Product Domain? Productivity and Positive Computing

As a human, I’m increbily passionate about the related fields of productivity and positive phychology. I’d like to harness this passion to make the world a better place.

Technologist or Entreprenuer: Entreprenur

As I get older, I’m finding more satisfaction in solving a customers problem then in making the most out of technology. That said, I’m a technologist at heart, so I place a deep influence on the architecture as technology is the tool with which the entrprenuer meets the customer and business needs.

Product/Market Risk vs Technical Risk: Product/Market Risk Fit.

Incubations need to prove a risk can be over come, either product/market or techincal. Product/market risk is about do customers actually want your product, and technical is about can the techincal feasiblity be over come.

I’m most interested in closing product/market fit, even though my many years as a technogist makes me well versed in resolving technical risk.

Signals, Infrences, Experiances? Experiances


Business, Experiance, Technology


The types of people I want to work with


The cultural aspects that appeal to me.

Team culture is important

* Feelings meetings
* Continous Improvement Process
* Frequent Inter Team feedback
* Going to work is like hanging out with friends.
* Data Driven Decision Making and Engineering
* Gelled team, rallying behind the projects.
* Mentoring