Companies with customer obsession

Customer obsession, manifest in customer service, can be a key differentiator. This post explores the benefits, and business model impact of a customer obsessed organization.

The Immutable Laws of Hard Things

Exercise, Diet, Personal Development, each of these is governed by the immutable laws of hard things. It’s possible these laws don’t apply to you, but I doubt it.

Business Model You

The business model canvas is a tool for understanding how a company makes money. We can apply the same canvas to a person, in this article, it’ll be me.


Think of the last time you were appreciated: How did you feel? Think about the last hour: How many things could you have appreciated? It takes 7 positive experiences to make up for 1 negative experience - what can you be appreciating?

7 Coaching Questions

Coaching is not giving advice, it’s helping others solve their own problems.