Shipping incubations: Cache

Internal incubations are fun, but I love shipping products. In the case of Microsoft Cache, before I joined, the team had been incubating OneClip, and needed help bringing it market. My self and a top tier product manager joined the team to help them ship. We immediately got to work, recruiting senior talent, and closing the gaps. We tackled the technical, product market fit, and logistical issues required to bring the product to market. Below was one of the articles describing our shipped product.

Security Musing

I used to do security in a former life, and here are my half baked thoughts on the topic, which will eventually be recombined into various essays. For now it’ll be confusing as I’m brain dumping to various audiences with various knowledge (end users, architects, CEOs, designers)

The Dip

Much of our failure comes from being distracted by tasks we don’t have the guts to quit. Winners quit all the time. They quit the right stuff, so their energy can be saved to cross the Dip.

Clean Architecture

Architecture is the highest level of abstraction that models a software system. The architecture is composed from modules, which are composed of objects, which are composed of functions. Design is applied to each of these layers, and when executed successfully results in a system that is easy to build and maintain. Clean architecture discusses designs at a high level, which like architecture is highly useful. On the topic of architecture, the software industry’s use of the word architect is confusing. The construction analog of a “software architect” is a “structural engineer” and the software equivalent of a “construction architect” is a product manager.

Physical Health

Physical health is the basis of energy, and thus the source of success. Physical health is about weight, fitness and sleep.