Understanding tech compensation and signing bonuses

A signing bonus of 100% of salary isn’t uncommon in the tech industry. While this sounds amazing, it’s often nothing more then replacement for the otherwise lost income from unvested equity.

Transportation as a Service

Car’s have had an incredible impact on our society, and it will be disrupted by transportation as a service. This summarizes John’s Zimmers article the third transportation revolution.

12 Tech forces that will shape our future

The digital revolution has gone through 3 changes: the copy of the industrial age, the link age, and the streaming age. This is a summary of the concepts representing the new age.

Companies with customer obsession

Customer obsession, manifest in customer service, can be a key differentiator. This post explores the benefits, and business model impact of a customer obsessed organization.

The Immutable Laws of Hard Things

Exercise, Diet, Personal Development, each of these is governed by the immutable laws of hard things. It’s possible these laws don’t apply to you, but I doubt it.