Vacation Photos

Vacation photos are great, they remind you of the good times you’ve had, the people you’ve had them with and the places you’ve had them at. Here are my tips for vacation photos, and “reminiscing” type photos in general.

Igor the operating manual

I’ve learned what I like, how I want to spend my energy,and how I want to be thinking about my life. I’ve learned my roles, reasonable expectations, and healthy ways to operate given my personality, behaviors, and frequently occurring situations. This post is a summary of those learnings - an operating manual if you will, reminding me how to think about, respond to and behave, so I can operate at maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

To Sell Is Human

To sell is human is a treatise on the modern form of sales. Part I describes why selling is important, and how it has evolved. Part II focuses on the how to be a salesman and Part III focuses on what you need to do to do sales.

Finally - Live Photos On The Web

The reason I own an iPhone is Live Photos. When you take a picture, it adds a bit of video to make it live. When ever you see a picture you can click on it to make it live. Laphs is a javascript library which makes it easy to implement live photos on the web.

Understanding tech compensation and signing bonuses

A signing bonus of 100% of salary isn’t uncommon in the tech industry. While this sounds amazing, it’s often nothing more then replacement for the otherwise lost income from unvested equity.