Staying warm and biking

Warmth and biking, both things that make my very happy. Here are the products that allow me to do both.


After a year of not working on one of my hobby software projects, I decided it’d be fun to make a minor change - should only be few lines of code. Should be easier still since I followed all the project best practices: I had full unit tests, and a fully automated command line build but boy was I wrong.

Vacation Photos

Vacation photos are great, they remind you of the good times you’ve had, the people you’ve had them with and the places you’ve had them at. Here are my tips for vacation photos, and “reminiscing” type photos in general.

Igor the operating manual

I’ve learned what I like, how I want to spend my energy,and how I want to be thinking about my life. I’ve learned my roles, reasonable expectations, and healthy ways to operate given my personality, behaviors, and frequently occurring situations. This post is a summary of those learnings - an operating manual if you will, reminding me how to think about, respond to and behave, so I can operate at maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Reducing Job Hunt Stress

Job hunts are stressful, and my goal for job hunts is getting the job I want while minimizing my stress. My job hunting stresses come from: lack of confidence, being rushed, not having options, disappointing others and the pressure from my current job responsibilities. By expecting and mitigating each of these stressors I greatly reduce stress during my job hunt.