Clean Architecture

Architecture is the highest level of abstraction that models a software system. The architecture is composed from modules, which are composed of objects, which are composed of functions. Design is applied to each of these layers, and when executed successfully results in a system that is easy to build and maintain. Clean architecture discusses designs at a high level, which like architecture is highly useful. On the topic of architecture, the software industry’s use of the word architect is confusing. The construction analog of a “software architect” is a “structural engineer” and the software equivalent of a “construction architect” is a product manager.

Physical Health

Physical health is the basis of energy, and thus the source of success. Physical health is about weight, fitness and sleep.

Tech for health

Physical health is the basis of my energy, so it’s a place I’m happy spending money and energy. I’ve been buying lots of technology to help me understand and measure my health and fitness and this post will track my favorite toys.

Staying warm and biking

Warmth and biking, both things that make my very happy. Here are the products that allow me to do both.


After a year of not working on one of my hobby software projects, I decided it’d be fun to make a minor change - should only be few lines of code. Should be easier still since I followed all the project best practices: I had full unit tests, and a fully automated command line build but boy was I wrong.