To Sell Is Human

To sell is human is a treatise on the modern form of sales. Part I describes why selling is important, and how it has evolved. Part II focuses on the how to be a salesman and Part III focuses on what you need to do to do sales.

Canadian Spotting

“I bet you the bill that dude by the window is Canadian,” I challenged.

Finally - Live Photos On The Web

The reason I own an iPhone is Live Photos. When you take a picture, it adds a bit of video to make it live. When ever you see a picture you can click on it to make it live. Laphs is a javascript library which makes it easy to implement live photos on the web.

Understanding tech compensation and signing bonuses

A signing bonus of 100% of salary isn’t uncommon in the tech industry. While this sounds amazing, it’s often nothing more then replacement for the otherwise lost income from unvested equity.

Transportation as a Service

Car’s have had an incredible impact on our society, and it will be disrupted by transportation as a service. This summarizes John’s Zimmers article the third transportation revolution.