Think of the last time you were appreciated: How did you feel? Think about the last hour: How many things could you have appreciated? It takes 7 positive experiences to make up for 1 negative experience - what can you be appreciating?

7 Coaching Questions

Coaching is not giving advice, it’s helping others solve their own problems.

Steve Jobs -- The Lost Interview

Uneditted notes on a Q+A with Steve Jobs.

Vim For Writing

VIM is great at lots of things, but free form writing has a few gaps in ‘line wrapping’ and ‘distraction free visual beauty’. These gaps can be closed with the plugins Pencil, Goyo and LimeLight.

My Brompton and its accoutrements

I LOVE my Brompton, and have spent much time researching accessories for it. Here are the accoutraments I’ve bought for my Brompton, and hopefully it’ll save other Brompton owners time, and/or make them aware of accessories they don’t known about.