Vim For Writing

VIM is great at lots of things, but free form writing has a few gaps in ‘line wrapping’ and ‘distraction free visual beauty’. These gaps can be closed with the plugins Pencil, Goyo and LimeLight.

My Brompton and its accoutrements

I LOVE my Brompton, and have spent much time researching accessories for it. Here are the accoutraments I’ve bought for my Brompton, and hopefully it’ll save other Brompton owners time, and/or make them aware of accessories they don’t known about.

Feelings/Human Meetings

Having our emotions heard is a fundamental human need. The modern world denies this need, but that doesn’t make the need go away. More then denying the need, society gives, and encourages, us to suppress our emotions. Feelings meetings stand in opposition. They exist to allow us, no, encourage us, to fulfill our fundamental need of expressing emotion.

Sleight Of Mouth

Sleight of mind is about how to cause cognative reframes.

Seth Godin- Ideas

Seth godin has many ideas that are critical in the new world. Ideas include: Choosing yourself, Tribes, The limited value of cogs, connection, and the dip.