Emotional Health In My Head

Fit in my head, isn’t fit in reality. In the last few years I’ve learned this lesson for physical health, and now I’m learning it for emotional health.

What I should do when I can't sleep

If you want advice on how to deal with insomnia, do NOT ask a person who hasn’t slept in two nights. Instead, ask someone who’s had insomnia several times, and has a checklist on how to respond when insomnia flares up. By the way, I’ve never actually taken this advice, but maybe writing it down will make it more likely that I’ll take it in the future.

Body at home, mind at work

I have a problem, an addiction, an addiction so detrimental to quality of life, it should be described as a disease. This disease is not being present. There are many symptoms of the disease, but today I’m going to talk about my most frequent symptoms, my body being at home, but my mind still being at work

Depression Reading List

I’ve had multiple people ask for my book recommendations on depression and bipolar disorder. Here’s the list: