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VIM is great at lots of things, but free form writing has a few gaps in ‘line wrapping’ and ‘distraction free visual beauty’. These gaps can be closed with the plugins Pencil, Goyo and LimeLight.

Line wrapping

Pencil makes the motion commands ‘just work’ when you’re in :wrap. When writing paragraphs, you likely want to enable this. Best of all, it doesn’t add pagination to the source file.

:PencilSoft " A works as expected wrapped mode.
:PencilHard " When you want :nowrap behavior.

Distraction Free Visual Beauty

Goyo makes your buffer pretty by centering the writing and getting rid of the status bar. For me, a much more focused experiance.

:Goyo   " Toggle Distraction Free mode

Focus on current paragraph **

Lime light fades out the background paragraphs. For me, a much more focused experiance.

:LimeLight 0.9 "0.9 -> Make foreground contrast 90%


Add the following to your _vimrc:

Bundle 'reedes/vim-pencil'
Bundle 'junegunn/goyo.vim'
Bundle 'junegunn/limelight.vim'

Happy Vimming