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I’ve been pretty hard on myself these last few months, as I haven’t made a lot of progress on my habits, or goals. Reflecting, that shouldn’t be a surprise as I’ve been putting a tonne of energy into interviews. For the next time this happens here’s some notes to remind of the required effort, and perhaps a place to reflect on how I could have made this process more efficient.

Don’t forget all this time is above and beyond existing commitments like work, health and family.

Time for technical practice:

  • 6-9 interview practice most days, including weekends.
  • A few full days when trying to grind through some especially hard topics.

Time to practice behavioral stories:

  • Remembering the stories
  • Re-writing the stories so they sound good.
  • Practicing in front of others and tuning so the stories sound good, and they come through well.

Energy to deal with the phycic Weight:

  • The fear that while there are lots of jobs, you only get “one shot” to interview with each company, and it’s easy to blow it.
  • The fear that your career hasn’t been as successful as you want, and that you’re an imposter
  • The fear that you won’t be able to impress the interivewers.
  • The fear that you won’t be able to remember the techincal questions.
  • The fear that you’ll be discovered at work.
  • The suffering when you fail an interview, tech screen, etc.

Time for informationals, technical screens and interviews.

There’s not just the scheduled time, but preperation time, post interview emotional draining time, travel travel time, and buffer time.

  • Interviews are espeically expensive.

    • Getting up and getting phsyched
    • 8 hour of the actual interview.
    • Emotional enery after the interview

Then there’s the time for decision making - totally expensive.