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Books allow great thoughts to enter our mind and mold us into who we want to become. These are the books that are molding me.


Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (7H) - How to live your life__’.’__

Essentialisim A life is well lived by picking what goes on your todo list, not by how many things you can check off your todo list.

The checklist manifesto Why checklists free you to be creative, and models allow you to better explore the world.

Getting things done Stress free productivity through getting things out of your head and bottom up planning.

On emotional health and intelligence

Humans are underrated The skills that will be most valuable when robots take over the world.

Seach Inside Yourself (SIY) How to train emotional intelligence through mindfulness

On doing the things you want to do.

The Big Orange Splot - Live your dreams.

“He’s just like Plumbean!” the people said. “He’s got bees in his bonnet, bats in his belfry, and knots in his noodle!”

Then, one by one, they went to see Mr. Plumbean, late at night. They would sit under the palm trees and drink lemonade and talk about their dreams.

And whenever anybody visited Mr. Plumbean’s house, the very next day that person would set about changing his own house to fit his dreams.

The Flinch The resistance is the voice in your head that makes you afraid. F#$ the resistance!

The Dip Quit everything that doesn’t get you were you want to be.

V is for Vulnerable Life is scary, hard, and totally worth it.

On strategy

Essentialism You must trade-off. You can do one thing. What is most important? If you didn’t have this thing would you buy it? If you didn’t have this opportunity, what would you give up for it?

On being a technologist


On being an entrepreneur


On thinking, storytelling, and presenting

Ed Emberly’s Make a world The hard part of drawing is seeing, and this book lets you “see” how simple many objects are.